Artist Spotlight

Get to Know Kevin Cochrun, WSM Radio’s Artist Spotlight

Kevin Cochrun was born in Ohio in a blue collar world raised by Evangelical preachers and you know what they say about Preachers kids…. it’s all true!

His love for music started early on in life as he remembers hearing old gospel and old school country being played and sung by his Dad and Mom. This started his love of country music. The George’s, Jones and Strait, Ray Price and of course Mr. Haggard were and are still his favorites. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, he soon fell in love with that country sound and made it his goal to someday have a shot at joining the ranks of his country music heroes.

Kevin finally moved to Austin, Texas and started playing in bands and writing songs and chasing the dream. His new single, Sacred Ground, is available on all digital platforms.

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